Point Harbor is Open and Clean

Pastor John Houston announced today that Point Harbor Church in Chesapeake, Virginia will be reopening Children and Student Ministries Sunday, October 25 at 10 AM Eastern.

After months of limiting access to the church for children and teenagers the church has made all the necessary arrangements to open safely. There will be sanitized rooms available for the kids to use for their services. Masks will be recommended for all children 10-years and over. Temperature checks will be performed on all children and adults working in the area.

Children’s director Nancy Tuttle had this to say, “Hey, parents, this is Miss Nancy from Point Harbor kids. I’m so excited that I get to talk to you today because I have some really important things to tell you. We are opening children’s ministry this Sunday, kids are going to be able to go to their classrooms, we’re excited. And I know they’ll be excited for some precautions that we have to take, we have really studied this week. And So as you can see, we have a check in computers here. And we’re going to have someone here that’s going to do the check in for your children and for you, we’re going to have them touching the screens instead of you. So you don’t have to do any of the touching. And then you’ll get your sticker for your kids, put it on your kids. And then you’re all done with check in. So then we’re going to show you where to go. So come with me, we’re going to walk right down this hall toward where the kids go. And if your kids are in zone 123, you know first grade, second grade, third grade, they’re going to go right to these doors is going to be easy peasy for you. So come to these doors, right here at preschool at your grades one, two, and three, sorry. And so that’s where they’re going, drop them off here, say goodbye. But oh, if you have little ones back up, go to the nursery, walk in the right hand door, go to the window, check them in, put their sticker on and then exit out the other door.

Okay. All righty. So we’ve got nursery, and grades one, two and three taken care of, then if you have preschool kids, you’re going to come to the end of the hallway and take a right come all the way down here. So the first doors on the left, we’re gonna go outside and to where you normally go for checking in, but you’ve already checked in. So we’re gonna take the kids in side the glass doors. And someone will be here to bring your kids in. Oh, and I failed to say in the very beginning, we’ll be taking temperatures as well. So we’ll be at check in to take temperatures. So bring your kids here, they’ve already had their temperature taken. And we’re going to bring them to preschool. And someone will be here at the door to greet you. And they will take your kids to the door, the room that they need to go to. So do you want to know how to pick up your kids in the nursery, it’s the same procedure as when you drop them off, you enter the entrance door, go to the window, whichever window your child is that picks, present your sticker pick them up and go out the exit door. Now for those of you that have grades one, two, and three, you will enter through these doors that it’s next to the sanctuary. You will line up at the classroom that your children are at. It could be gray, this is 342 or one. And don’t forget to distance yourself from every one. So that we’re going to be safe. All right, so then once you get your children picked up, we’re going to exit out of this door.”

Gail Baker